1. waltergross:

    Tenshun - Seance ||| WG - Imprint #splittape #art #tenshun #sandiego coming soooooooon.


  2. Gundam Exia battle damage.


  3. Coming soon! Son Of A Bricklayer & 10SHUN lathe cut ep.

    Limited to 16 copies worldwide.

    Dont sleep




  6. (Source: error888, via kingspitter)


  7. Just got finished cutting plates for limited skrapez record. Which will be for sale at the show on the 30th of August 2014



  9. Gonna be playing at the whilstle stop on thursday august 21st. Come out and hear some noise!


  10. Check this show out tomorrow August 10 2014.
    Skrapez will be opening up for HEZUS and Drumetrics and other dope artist.

    I will have some lathe cut plates for sale. Hit me up at the show if you wanna buy some


  11. Complex Cerebral Cortex from Tenshun Skrapez on Vimeo.

    This Song was featured on the Skrapez 666 7” which came out in 2011.


  12. Lifeless Lifeforms from Tenshun Skrapez on Vimeo.

    The music from this video was taken from the EP by 10shun entitled “4 bit’en Beats” which was all composed on the Nintendo gameboy using LSDJ.
    Some of the footage from this video was filmed using the Gameboy Camera and then edited on Windows movie maker.


  13. Come out to this artshow on july 26th. I will have 2 art peices up on the wall and will have a limited edition lathe ( 10 copies made) that goes with one of the art peices.


  14. sickaddictionverified:

    2 mixes of the Evil - spreaded…#tenshun #bonzo #beats #murder #evil #horror #death #murder #dirtydrums #lo-fi


  15. Hooking up some shows

    Yo! If anyone out in germany could hook up some shows during the last week of august 2014 that would be cool.

    Heading out there with Sufi and are trying to get more gigs.

    Send me a messge if you can.

    Peace and thanks