1. Selfmade records. Diy from Tenshun Skrapez on Vimeo.

    Cutting some plates with a presto k8 lathe with a fairchild cuttinghead. Music coming from the mpc1000


  2. Gonna be playing a show with Feend on friday May 2nd up in Temecula.

    Its free so theres no reason not to come check out some awesome sounds!


  3. sounds


  4. "Faces Of Death" is now available. Pick it up here before its gone



  5. Meditation


  6. Sounds like murder with the grimy baphomet


  7. "Riding with the sharks" is now available. Pick it up here:


    Dont sleep!





  11. Riding with the sharks from Tenshun Skrapez on Vimeo.

    This is a Promo video for the New Single “Riding With The Sharks” a 6.5” lathe cut record by Tenshun.
    Only 10 copies made on vintage acetate disc.

    Available here tenshun.bigcartel.com/ on 4/4/14


  12. This is a Promo video for the new single by Tenshun titled “Riding with the Sharks”. A 6.5” lathe cut record recorded on vintage acetate discs.

    Available here: http://tenshun.bigcartel.com/

    On 4/4/14


  13. New single from Tenshun titled “Riding with the Sharks”
    Two hard hitting beats with dark atmospheres and mental landscapes.
    One side titled “Media” recorded live on to disc so each disc sounds different!
    The other side titled “Vomit” has aggressive drums and a steady bassline.

    Only 10 copies recorded on vintage 6.5” acetate discs from the forties.

    Will be released on 4-4-14


  14. rhetthammersmithhorror:

    Häxan:  Witchcraft Through The Ages . ‘22 . imdb

    (via sickaddictionverified)